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Closing the gap
There has always been a large gap between land surveyors and GIS Data professionals. Shape files were for a long time the only link between these professions. Now through Carlson SurvPC powered with an Esri® OEM engine, it is possible for the land surveyor, through a familiar interface, to work with Esri data without conversions or data loss.
Key features
  • Intuitively use Esri Maps to perform all survey functions with no downtime learning new software
  • If ArcMap10, ArcView or equivalent reside on the same PC, SurvPC ‘finds’ the Esri engine and reads and writes Esri MXD files automatically, or
  • SurvPC can be purchased with the Esri OEM engine built inside
  • Stake out, identify or draw to any existing feature by conventional ‘snap’ selection in Esri, DGN or .dxf
  • Create new points in Esri, DGN or .dxf with symbols and formats native to the map
Use SurvPC to recognize DGN drawing ‘levels’ and cell structure of entities; new points created are stored graphically in the pre-defined cell format and new linework also writes directly to the DGN file.
Total freedom in hardware choice
It has never been easier to create your own configuration of software and hardware. Carlson SurvPC supports a wide range of instruments; RTK GNSS receivers, Total Stations, rangefinders or even Sonar for hydrographic surveys. See the full list of support instruments here.

Meet Jeroen Harbers, Carlson Software's Director of GIS: Read more here.