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Follow Me
An alternative to optical tracking, Follow Me continuously turns the total station towards the prism using the GNSS location. Say goodbye to stray reflectors and lengthy searches, and say hello to a total station that is ready when you are.
Smart Lock
Use smart lock for a smarter survey. The software will automatically detect when you are slowing to take a measurement and lock on the prism so that it's ready to go as fast as you can hit store.
Smart Staking
With smart staking, it will no longer be necessary to maintain optical tracking during stakeout. Keep your stakeout directions fresh using the GNSS receiver as you make your way to your stakeout point. When you get close, the total station will automatically turn and lock on the prism for the final staking precision you need.
Cross Check
will automatically cross-check your total station and GNSS positions and warn you when they differ, so you can cross stray reflectors and false-fixes off your worry list.
Backup Tracking
You always know where you are, and now your software will too. With backup tracking, will automatically show your GNSS position on the map when your total station isn't locked.
Easy hybrid-resection allows for setup anywhere using GPS positions to calculate the total station occupied point and orientation. Measurements from the GPS and RTS are time-synchronized for an accurate and simple one-tap resection measurement.
Simplify setup by seamlessly auto-localizing your GPS receiver as you store total station points.
Easy Setup Wizard
The easy setup wizard walks you through setup using auto-localization, hybrid resection, or hybrid localization, then finishes with a Cross-Check to get you up and running quickly and confidently.