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Carlson Listen-Listen is a unique cloud based low latency service available to Carlson customers using a Carlson GNSS receiver as a base station. The system eliminates baseline length restrictions encountered when using UHF radios, supports single base and multiple simultaneous rover connections, and is hosted through Amazon Web Services for unlimited processing power, speed, and bandwidth.

Add our fully automated Ntrip service to connect your GNSS rover, drone or other UAV to your base station by Ntrip protocol.

Carlson BRx7 customers using Carlson are granted a one-time, 60-days trial of Carlson Listen-Listen. Claim your demo today by providing the requested information or purchase below

  • One year of access to Carlson Software's Listen-Listen service
  • $500 for new subscriptions of Listen-Listen
  • $600 for new subscriptions of Listen-Listen+Ntrip
  • $450 for all renewals
  • Applicable taxes may be added
  • Pricing in USD